Low bulk density: 1,200 – 1,700 kg/m3Upgrade & Renovation of house, hotel
High strength: 25 – 40 MPaConstructing new residential and industrial project
Rapid construction: formwork removal after 24 hoursConstructing hotel, high rise building
Ultra thin: as thin as 0.7cmConstructing special concrete structure (require thin, durable)
No shrinkage, insulation, sound-proof, water resistantDesign & Construct floating house

Using unique formula, Thien Giang Lightweight Conrete combines various technical specifications into a single product. As a result, customer receives more values from Thien Giang Lightweight Concrete.

Components in Thien Giang Lightweight Concrete includes Keramzit expanded clay, cement and sand. The lightweight aggregate (Keramzit expanded clay) helps greatly reduce concrete’s density to 1,200-1,700 kg/m3 (as compared to 2,500 kg/m3 of normal concrete). Thien Giang’s special formula helps the lightweight concrete gain very high compressive strength of up to 40 MPa (appx. classification M400) in normal construction condition and far higher in special construction condition. A combination of two characteristics (lightweight and high compressive strength) creates extremely thin concrete, as thin as 0.7cm.

Other important characteristics to consider include:

  • Fast removal of formwork: formwork can be removed in 24 hours after pouring concrete.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Heat resistant, insulation, sound-proof, water-proof: ….

Practically, Thien Giang Lightweight Concrete is used in residential and industrial constructions with below advantages:

1Beam, slabSave materials.
Beam and slab are lighter compared to normal concrete (up to 4 times); help reduce concrete for ground.
The concrete is water-proof by themselves.
Can use in 24 hours after pouring concrete.
2Wall, partitionTotal mass is lighter than brick works (up to 5 times)
Wall and partition are water-proof by themselves
Increate usable area as the wall’s thinness is 2-3 cm.
3Floating platform (on water)Laying on earth when without water; self-floating in accordance with water level.
4Floating building (on water)Floating house.
Floating hotel.
Floating swimming pool.
Floating bridge….
5Water tank, swimming poolThin (as thin as 0.7cm)
Very lightweight
Can be built on site.
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