TGPanel -Thien Giang Double-sided reinforced Concrete Floor Panel

Thien Giang Double-sided reinforced Concrete Floor Panel – TGPanel

Nowadays, the method of constructing works by assembling method is gradually becoming popular for the construction industry in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. This method is done by assembling at the construction site of available components. Thereby, contractors and investors can control the quality, geometric designs as well as automate the production process of a series of components to accelerate the construction progress.

The new model of TGpanel

In 2022, in order to serve the repair and construction by assembly method, Thien Giang has produced a series of soundproofing, heat-insulating, and load-bearing TGPanel concrete panels with new specifications as follows:

…tested by the Center for Testing and Testing of Construction – University of Civil Engineering
  • Dimensions: Width 36cm x Length 2m x Thickness 8cm (0.72m2)
  • Weight: 95kg/panel
  • Reinforced double-sided steel
  • Concrete grade: 300
  • Allowable load: ~800kg/m2 (tested by the Center for Testing and Testing of Construction – University of Civil Engineering)
Loaded on TGPanel

We receive and produce TGPanel with other sizes as ordered.

Each old model of the standard TGPanel only weighs 83kg

The panel with an area of ​​0.72m2 (size: 360mm x 2000mm x 80mm as above) is designed for repairing, civil purposes, without using a crane. Weighing 95kg/panel, each Thien Giang panel (TGPanel) only needs 2 porters, suitable for the health of ordinary workers. Thien Giang accepts to produce TGPanel panels with other sizes as single order.

ThienGiang Polymer Concrete TGPE-SB01 on TGpanel
TGK-01 glue

In addition, Thien Giang has produced TGK-01 glue, certified by the Institute of Science and Technology, on investment and construction, which is often used to fix Thien Giang TGPanel panels to a fixed position.

Actual images when using TGK-01 glue to pair TGPanel panels as steel frame floor:

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